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RUSCICO (RUSSIAN CINEMA COUNCIL) is a commercial association of Russian and foreign companies set up to implement a comprehensive program for the restoration, remastering, replication and worldwide distribution of a collection of the best Soviet, Russian and foreign art, documentary, animated films on DVD.

A number of features favorably distinguish the products of RUSCICO. For each of the films in the collection, an author's DVD version is created, including an interactive menu (100-150 pages) in 3 languages ​​(Russian, English and French), with elements of graphic design and animation, and sounded in Dolby Digital 5.1 format.


The image quality, obtained as a result of the digital frame restoration made with the use of the most modern technologies, corresponds to the highest world standards. Recovered and remastered in Dolby Digital 5.1 format with the addition of necessary sound effects, gives old movies a new look and a new look. For each film in the collection, 10-13 subtitle versions are specially created, featuring a highly professional translation. The standard set of subtitle versions of the collection includes: Russian, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Swedish, Hebrew, Arabic, Japanese and Chinese.


An important feature of the collection are additional materials that tell about the process of creating the film, about their authors - directors, operators, scriptwriters, composers, actors. For this, archival and modern video, audio, photo and text materials specially prepared within the framework of this project are used. The newly created materials include complete filmography, as well as video interviews with filmmakers.

Each film of the collection, in addition to the original Russian version, has at least 2 (English and French) duplicated versions, which were created by professional actors, native speakers at film studios in European countries.

Such a huge amount of information being placed (about 8.5 Gigabytes) determines the type of DVD used as a DVD-9. Replicated by factories U-TECH, Pioneer, SDC DVD-disks are delivered to warehouses RUSCICO in Europe and the USA.


The catalog of feature films RUSCICO presents over 350 titles, divided into the following collections:







The REGISSER collection is made up of films created in different years by outstanding directors: S. Eisenstein, L. Kuleshov, M. Romm, A. Tarkovsky, S. Paradzhanov, G. Danelia, N. Mikhalkov, A. Mikhalkov-Konchalovsky and others. The work of these directors, whose films have long become classics, is an invaluable contribution to the development of world and Russian cinema art.

The collection "SCREENING" includes films based on works of world-famous classics of Russian and world literature. L. Tolstoy, A. Pushkin, F. Dostoyevsky, A. Chekhov, N. Gogol, M. Bulgakov, V. Shakespeare, S. Cervantes - this is not a complete list of authors whose works will be reproduced on the discs of RUSCICO. The maximum approach to the literary source, the transfer of his mood, the detailed reproduction of the era, and most importantly, the precise psychological portraits of the characters - that is the distinguishing feature of the film screenings that were included in this collection.

The collection "TALES" is represented by the collection of the best fairy-tale films, based on the popular Russian folk tales popular in Russia, as well as the tales of Andersen, Charles Perrault, the Brothers Grimm. The genre of the "fairy tale film" received special development during the Soviet period as a kind of creative shelter for talented filmmakers, screenwriters, actors from the dictates of communist ideology. Magnificent man-made costumes and scenery, beautiful natural shots, the use of original technologies in the formulation of complex tricks and special effects, combined with the inimitable play of actors who created amazing images of magical heroes make the fairy-tale films collected in this collection truly unique.

The collection "WAR" includes films that reflect one of the main historical events of the 20th century - the Second World War (1939-1945). This is a special milestone in the history of Russia, one of the hardest trials that fell to her lot. Many of the creators of these films: directors, cameramen, screenwriters, actors - themselves went through the crucible of war. This is what allowed them to create truthful and realistic images of their heroes. The films used a lot of real military equipment from the times of World War II. This makes them truly spectacular and exciting.

Collection "History". This collection presents films dedicated to various stages in the history of Russia (from the mid-IX to the beginning of the 20th century). A magnificent game of actors, masterfully executed historical costumes, full-scale shooting in places of real events, as well as existing interiors, makes these films unforgettable. Perfectly recreated, down to the smallest details, the atmosphere and authenticity of historical events reflect the originality and uniqueness of Russian culture and history.

The collection "KINOSHKOLA" combines a number of outstanding films created at the dawn of cinema and had a truly revolutionary impact on its development. The films of this collection will be of interest to ordinary film lovers, students of cinematographic universities and professionals.

The collection "FILM ACADEMY", in detail to the best academic literary publications, for the first time will enable not only to watch the film, but also to receive detailed comments of the best specialists in the field of history and theory of cinema. Comments are accompanied by multimedia illustrations using unique archival and documentary materials that will allow the viewer to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of the creation of the film and the era that gave birth to it.


We would like to invite all interested persons to take sponsorship participation in the project. As a token of gratitude to you, as a sponsor who provided funds for restoration and restoration work, words of deep gratitude will be placed on the packaging of each disc with the appropriate film, and a specially issued signal copy of the disc with a certificate of RUSCICO, on which you, as a sponsor, Get a priority in the placement of film production, participation in events, and the acquisition of RUSCICO products.

In the disc menu, you can, as a sponsor, be provided with advertising space for placing your advertising and information video materials, and also gift copies of disks can be presented.

As we see it, sponsorship in the RUSCICO project will distinguish you favorably in the eyes of the domestic and world community.

E-mail: sale@ruscico.com